Learn how Cortexio can be used to improve your field of education and enhance the learning experience with cognitive science.

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With a track-record of courses that students love and are willing to pay for, our team will help you through the process of creating material, marketing and growing your business.

Add material

Add learning material and make it smarter with Cortexio. We will help you with creating and importing, editing, translating and proofing.

Market your courses

Reach your customers through multiple channels. We have the tools and strategies that will help you succeed.

Earn money

Collect payment through subscriptions and one-time payments on your courses.

Tight budget?

You have the content for creating profitable courses but lack the budget to build a successful business on your own?
- We will partner with you and help with branding, marketing, proof- and copy-reading, all for free, with our revenue sharing model that kicks in when you start collecting payment! Get in touch and let us explain how it works!

Add material to Cortexio

Use our powerful editor to create learning material with images, videos, links and questions. Structure the material in various ways for different audiences. Cortexio will provide the students with an optimised path through the learning material.
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Market your course

We will help you with a plan for gaining customers and growing your brand. Not a marketing expert? Don’t worry, we have the experts that will help you with a marketing strategy suited for your business.
Market your course

Reach your customers

You need to be where your customers are and continuously show them how great your product is.

Measure impact

Measure your marketing campaigns with statistics in Cortexio. Get reports on new users, number of visits and more.

Retain your users

Keep customers on your site by posting news and updates via email lists, and keep them happy by responding to detailed feedback.
Earn money

Earn money from your courses

You might already have successful digital course material with a customer base, or you might be starting from scratch. Either way, Cortexio can give you insight on which payment model works best for your scenario.

Payment plans

Charge your customers for individual courses or collect a monthly fee for a collection of material.

Customer insight

Through analysis of customer behaviour you will get an insight into the value of your course material to the students.

Start out small

In order to gain a customer base, to get feedback on the material and assess the value of your courses you can start out with a freemium model agains the customers.

Our resources at your disposal

Our team will help you throughout the process. We can answer questions about the platform, your project or review your material 5 days a week. Your success is our success.
Our team

Plan your project

Together with our project managers and business developers we will evaluate your market, figure out a timeline, and a go-to-market plan.

Add content

Start from scratch or upload existing material. We have copy-readers that can help you with proof-reading, structure, translation and much more.

Go to market

We will guide and advice on when and how you should start collecting payment based on your content, user statistics and feedback.

World class features

For your students
  • A learning platform based on cognitive science that will help you learn faster and retain the knowledge longer
  • Glocalized content - learning material structured and adapted for your school or university
  • A personalised learning path adapted to your cognitive ability
  • Questions linked to text or images makes it possible to pinpoint knowledge units that need to be rehearsed
  • Current knowledge level and progress is always visible, as well as suggestions on what to study next and what needs to be repeated
  • Test yourself on exams and diagnostic tests
  • Great search functionality, links to keywords automatically generated in the text
  • Create notes and highlight the text in different colors
  • Send feedback to the content creator on a per-text-section basis
For you
  • Upload and import material, or write from scratch in our easy to use editor
  • Editor that supports multiple users, invite new editors to your course
  • Different payment methods and payment plans
  • Use the domain of your choice, or get
  • Math support with LaTeX/Overleaf
  • Admin portal with overview of your customers
  • Communicate with your users, individually or in group
  • Advanced BI insights about your users and how they use your content
  • Get and read feedback linked to the material where the issue originated
  • Get support with project management, marketing and editing from our team
  • Create change requests on platform development for features you lack
  • Monthly payouts of earnings
  • Free to use and set up