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A study plat­form that changes how we learn

For far too long digital learning has been dominated by software incapable of streamlining the learning process, until now.
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Intelligent, evidence based & loved

Cortexio uses Artificial Intelligence and Learning Science research on efficient learning, in order to create the world's best study platform.


Cortexio uses A.I. to streamline the learning process to each user's cognitive ability.

Evidence based

Cortexio's functionality is based on quantitative educational research.


Our primary focus is on the student. This is evident in our user surveys where we get a 9/10 rating by our users.
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A study platform that revolutionizes how we learn

It must be easy to follow the most efficient learning path. The time a student is in the system should be spent learning, not thinking about how the platform works.

Features that teach you more
per minute studied

Educational quantitative studies show time and again that some methods increase learning more than others. All of our functionality is based on research on how to learn as efficiently as possible.

Algorithms that personalize learning

Cortexio uses A.I. to tailor learning to users' cognitive abilities.

Test-enhanced learning

Researchers in cognitive psychology have repeatedly shown that Test-based learning is one of the most effective methods for learning something.

Learning analytics

Cortexio presents all data about what, how and when the student learns something. All to facilitate future learning.

Spaced repetition

Repetition is the mother of all knowledge. We ensure that the student's rehearsal is individualized and effective.
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AI that personalizes learning

Using machine learning, the study flow is adapted to each user's reading speed, working memory capacity and long-term memory to help the user learn as much as possible per minute of time invested.

Cortexio is already used by
thousands of happy students

The platform has been used for over three years by a large number of students in different education programs.
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Students' testimonies

We are constantly listening to the users. Education is something that must constantly be evaluated and improved, and in many cases the students have the best proposals for improvement.
My name is Deesha and I am a resident physician at Capio St Goran's hospital.              I got the results now and I have passed the exam and you have a lot to do with it. It is thanks to you that I have been able to organize planning study topics and chapters, prioritize important topics, run exam questions and have access to all resources / info / text in one place. instead of searching on different web pages. I couldn't have done as well without you. BIG THANK YOU !! You are doing a fantastic job.
Deesha Domah, Resident physician

Got Cortexio last week and I am totally BLOWN AWAY. It is concise but well explained. Only relevant information that you actually care about. Good questions and it's awesome that the rehearsal is built in (with recurring questions)! Also like you link to good videos within each subject.
Thanks for an AWESOME website !!!!
Ida Marangoz, Resident physician

I have just passed all the exams in a supplementary education and I can definitely say that Cortexio helped me tremendously!

Lala Babayeva

Just wanted to say that your site is so incredibly good! Easy-to-read, compressed, yet content-rich summaries, educational questions and clinical cases. Both useful in studying, clinical practice, and to learn Swedish terminology for the upcoming summer vicariate back home. Big thanks for all your work!
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